RISE Loans for Bad Credit

RISE Loans for Bad Credit

Are you looking for details on RISE loans for bad credit? Then look no further! You are at the right place. Read on!

RISE Loans for Bad Credit: Is RISE able to provide bad credit loans?

The installment loans can be used by those with bad credit or who cannot get loans from traditional banks or online lenders. RISE loans have interest rates that rival payday lenders. In some states, the maximum annual percentage rate is 299%.

The benefits of choosing RISE for Bad Credit Loans

RISE can help you with any challenge you face. We have the money you need, as soon as possible* and at rates that will go down in the future.

  • Progress towards Better Rates: They believe a brighter future financial outlook starts with affordable credit. They have also committed to lowering their rates. They have already reduced the rates for more than 250,000 customers. They should be rewarded for timely payments. It’s as simple as that.
  • You can borrow what you want, when you want it, with RISE. Flexible payment terms allow you to choose your terms. Even better, you can pay off your loan early without any additional fees. That’s flexibility.
  • 5-Day Guarantee: You can cancel your loan or advance within five days. Five business days are allowed from when you take your loan/advance.
  • Get a free credit score plus: Understanding where you are financially is the first step to getting there. Get credit alerts free of charge from TransUnion(r), and check your TransUnion(r). Start working towards a better financial future.

How does the RISE process work?


  • Apply in minutes: It’s simple. It’s secure. It is up to you. You could get cash today if you apply now. *
  • Flexible payment scheduling+ allows you to choose your terms. If you need to pay off your loan earlier, don’t hesitate. There are no additional fees for paying early, and you can save money on your loan.
  • Cash in Your Account: Funds may appear in your checking account within the next business day*.

Bad Credit Loans

Common Questions About RISE Loans

Which bank is RISE using?

RISE can provide loans from two banks, depending on where you live.

  • FinWise Bank originated and funds loans — AK. AZ. FL. KY. LA. MI. MN. MT. NE. OH. OK. OR. WA.
  • CCBank – KS, TN and TX.

Is RISE available to credit bureaus?

Yes, RISE reports directly to TransUnion and Experian. A history of regular, on-time payments may help you boost your credit score.

Is it possible to obtain a loan through RISE?

RISE will approve applicants with poor credit. This makes it easy to obtain a loan. RISE will also require you to be at least 18 years of age, have a bank account, and have sufficient income to pay the loan.

What are RISE Loan Requirements?

  • Minimum credit score: This is not disclosed, but it’s known to be a target for bad credit.
  • Minimum income: This is not disclosed, but the state may have minimum income requirements
  • Age: 18+
  • Citizenship: U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • Residency: You can live in any of the 31 states it operates
  • Identification:

Although you should be able to get approval if all requirements are met, it is not guaranteed. Your credit score, income and debt will all impact the APR you get.

What is the maximum amount you can borrow from RISE?

RISE allows you to borrow between $500 and $5,000 depending on your credit score, income, and employment status. RISE personal loans have an APR of 60-299%, depending on your creditworthiness. Repayment periods can be up to 26 months, depending on where you live. To qualify, you must have at least poor credit.

What are the Key Factors About RISE Personal Loans?

  • Maximum loan amount: $500 to $5,000
  • APRs: 60% – 299%
  • Payout periods: Up to 26 Months, depending on the state
  • Credit score requirements: Bad credit
  • Timeline for funding: 1 – 2 Business Days after approval
  • Origination fee: None

Are loans possible with RISE?

If you have bad credit, there are other options.

Rise is not as suitable for those with poor credit due to the high fees. However, they are better than payday loans. You can pay off the loan in monthly payments. All fees are clearly stated upfront so that there are no surprises.

Is RISE a legitimate company?

Yes, RISE offers fixed-rate installment loans for qualified borrowers. These loans can be used for tiny amounts and have high-interest rates.

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