PSECU Loans Bad Credit – All You Need to Know About

psecu loans bad credit

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Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union was founded in 1934 and continues to provide financial guidance for its 45,000 members. PSECU, a non-profit union, is known for its motto: Opportunity. It promotes all possibilities in life and provides financial value to its members.

Facts about PSECU:

  • It offers financial education to its members at no cost
  • There are four main branches in Pennsylvania and at universities
  • Nearly 30,000 ATMs are available through the CO-OP and Sheetz networks.

Highlights of PSECU

The Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union offers a wide range of loan options. It has a lower rate and a longer repayment term. There is no minimum credit score. There are various loan options available, including unsecured personal loans, auto loans, home and mortgage loans, student loans, and small business loans.

No Prequalifications Mentioned

It does not mention any prequalification methods.

High Debt to Income Ratio

A lender typically describes an ideal borrower as someone with a 28% or lower front-end ratio. This is a standard ratio but not a requirement.

No Lines of Credit

Unfortunately, credit lines are not available.

Credit Health Tools

It offers a free monthly credit service that allows you to monitor your credit health. Experian, a reputable credit reporting agency, will inform members about their credit status.

Hardship Programs

It provides financial hardship relief options for members, even those affected by COVID-19. It also advertises delayed payments, but it is not fully promoted.

No Prepayment Penalty

PSECU allows early repayments of loans without penalty, regardless of loan type.

Unsecured Loans

Signature loans are unsecured loans that can be used as a term. The current rate is 7.90% APR and payable for 11-61 months. Monthly payments range from $100 to $400.

psecu loans bad credit

Fees And Cost of PSECU

Miscellaneous fees apply to both lending and banking services.

Elligiblity for PSECU Loans:

You must meet the eligibility requirements to complete your membership application.

  • Minimum 13 years of age (with parental guidance for minors).
  • A household resident of a PSECU Member
  • Students, employees and graduates of partner Pennsylvania universities
  • Members of the Pennsylvania Recreation and Park Society

During the application process, borrowers must provide a credit or debit card with an initial deposit of $5 and a Social Security Card.

PSECU loans bad credit: Do they provide loans for bad credit?

Although PSECU offers low starting rates, it is unclear whether it accepts borrowers with bad credit scores. Moreover, it only qualifies specific members of the Pennsylvania Recreation and Park Society Membership.


PSECU has low starting rates, but it is unclear if it will accept borrowers with poor credit scores. It is also restricted to Pennsylvania Recreation and Park Society Members.

Avant is a good option for those who live outside Pennsylvania. It offers its services to all citizens of the United States. Avant gives borrowers a greater than 36% debt-to-income ratio and loans up to $35,000.

Navy Federal is another option. It allows for high debt-to-income ratios and loans up to $700,000. The starting rate is only 3.03%. It does not have a minimum credit score which is ideal for those with poor credit.


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